Some important factors of dental simulators for dental pratice

For teaching purposes and educational purposes, dental simulation units are ideal for universities and dental schools. Our dental phantom manikin head units allow natural simulation of workflows from all areas in dental medicine and technology. Students can simulate real-life situations in practice with simulation units.

JG basic simulation is a unit that allows two students to face each other. This simple-to-use, modern phantom can be multiplied up to four or six depending on the requirements of your dental school. You can customize the whip arm to make your Finndent Simulation Unit. Large tray is useful for the instruments. Head simulates a real patient’s scull. The height control motor is included in the unit. The Finndent simulation units require little maintenance and are very easy to operate.

Virtual reality simulators for dental education are an integral part of modern education. Virtual reality dental simulators are becoming an integral part of modern education.

This technological breakthrough is opening up a new era of Dental Simulation Training System. It has the following features:

New dental simulator features conversation capability and human-like texture

The robot is able to communicate with patients using 20 different patterns of automatic dialogs. The robot’s skin texture is very realistic and it can perform various body movement functions like eye blinks.

Simulate patient reactions during treatment.

There are approximately 10 different reactions that the robot can perform to simulate various accidents that could occur during treatment. The robot makes irregular movements in various situations, which allows students to experience it in a clinically realistic setting.

Simple operation with the touch panel

A simple to use control panel for the advanced dental simulator unit allows for intuitive operation of robot. There are no difficult initial settings to worry.

HB Dental, a professional manufacturer and supplier of dental simulator units training system, is committed to offering students a great training experience through the design and supply of advanced and simple-to-use dental simulators.

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